Kindergarten and Enrollment Overview

Kindergarten and Enrollment Overview


Dear Prospective Parent,

Congratulations on taking an important step towards success in your child’s successful future.

Pikes Peak Prep is a great place to enroll your child in Kindergarten—to build your child up for success all the way through college graduation.

Our Kindergarten classroom focuses on building a strong academic foundation for your child in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, using a variety of teaching and learning methods. 

Our Kindergarten—8th grade uses the Core Knowledge—a national guide to a rigorous curriculum for our students—ensuring that they are confident in facing academic challenges in the future, such as the ACT and SAT exams, and college level coursework.

Starting your child at Pikes Peak Prep Kindergarten is the right choice for your family—when your Kindergarten student becomes an 8th grader, they become eligible to take college courses at the PPCC campus, paid for by Pikes Peak Prep! Your child could graduate from high school with their Associate’s Degree, or 60 college credits! Your family could save over $60,000 and 2 years of time through Pikes Peak Prep!

At Pikes Peak Prep, despite many of our students starting out below grade level, our Kindergarten students outperformed the national average growth in Reading. No matter where your child is, we will work hard to ensure a bright future for your child.


Submitting an enrollment request DOES NOT guarantee entrance into the school for your child(ren). The school will notify you if they have availability to enroll your child(ren) into the school.