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SOUTHSIDE BUSINESS: Pikes Peak Prep - Colorado Springs only TAP Charter School

Pikes Peak Prep, a Colorado Charter School Institute-sponsored K-12 school, has adopted the nationally respected and proven TAP model to guide improvement in its academic performance. TAP (The System for Teacher and Student Advancement) is sponsored by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching and is widely credited for improving student performance across the country.

To lead the TAP implementation, Pikes Peak Prep recently hired two TAP master teachers to direct the school. Stephanie Atencio was named TAP master teacher and principal and Kyle Gilliam was named TAP master teacher and assistant principal on January 6.

New Robotics Program at Pikes Peak Prep

on Thursday, 24 October 2013
New Robotics Program at Pikes Peak Prep

Students at Pikes Peak Prep are now able to experience engineering hands on through the new robotics program started by Mr. Mark Connell. Ninth grade students Machelle Irby and Esteban Alvidrez meet twice a week with other students and work as builders and programmers of the robots and hope to enter into country wide and world—wide competitions with the robots they work on through the team.

Machelle participates on the team for fun and has a robot at home and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Esteban dreams of becoming an engineer and opening his own business with his own patented products.

COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE: Pikes Peak Prep adds a robotics team

Pikes Peak Prep, a K-12 charter school in Colorado Springs, has launched a robotics program as part of its goal to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math into its curriculum and enrichment programs.

The new robotics team is part of the school’s engineering program. Students will learn the design process and build knowledge of physics, science and math.

The team also will develop teamwork and competition.

Pikes Peak Prep has been approved to launch a new innovative program this fall that is geared to serve young adults who wish to complete their high school career AND go to college. Pikes Peak Prep, an eight year old Colorado Springs public charter school located near downtown, will offer students who are high school aged up to age 21, the opportunity to attend high school classes from 5-9 each evening to earn their high school degree AND will pay tuition for students to enroll in Pikes Peak Community College and/or other local higher education institutions, as well as cover the cost of the college textbooks.

Hands On Chemistry Tests

on Saturday, 15 September 2012
Hands On Chemistry Tests

In Ms. Duran’s Chemistry class, students were using their newly acquired knowledge about Density, Buoyancy and the Gas Laws. Students tested Charles’ Law which states as the temperature of a gas increases, so will the volume and vice versa. They put some balloons to the test by determining the volume before and after being placed in a hot water bath or ice water bath.

Pikes Peak Prep students will return to a much larger school when classes start Aug. 13.

The first of eight modular buildings were delivered Monday to the charter school at 525 E. Costilla St. The buildings are from The Classical Academy charter school in Academy School District 20.

“You can’t turn down such a generous gift and a chance to grow,” said Dawn Nelson, Pikes Peak Prep principal.

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