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Give your favorite third grader a hug today.

Third graders in 13 of the Pikes Peak region's 17 public school districts scored above the state average in reading on the final standardized test known as the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, or TCAP. The Colorado Department of Education released unofficial and preliminary results at noon Tuesday.

Future Wildlife Biologist: Blanca Parra-Peralta

Blanca Parra-Peralta serves as the Student Body President at Pikes Peak Prep.

She arrived at Pikes Peak Prep from Palmer High School in her sophomore year and was attracted to the dual enrollment college program that PPP offered with Pikes Peak Community College. She immediately thrived at Pikes Peak Prep, made friends and received a lot of supportive help from teachers. Ms.

Future Doctor of Psychology: Briana Medina-Martinez

Briana Medina—Martinez arrived at Pikes peak Prep in her junior year of high school.

She really enjoys working at her own pace and has completed 21 college credits since arriving at Pikes Peak Prep! Briana takes her college classes at Pikes Peak Community College in the morning and then works on two on-line high school classes at Pikes Peak Prep in the afternoon. She really enjoys taking responsibility for her education and pushing herself to do well in all of her classes. Briana says that the college classes are tougher, but that you have be mature, have a determined mindset and be willing to learn in order to do well.

WatchDOGS Parents Unite for Pikes Peak Prep!

Mr. Santiago, Mr. McCoy, and Mr. Lucero are WatchDOGS—Dads of Great Students who regularly volunteer at Pikes Peak Prep—helping students during class, at lunch, recess, and in the hallways.

Student Profile: James Duckery

on Monday, 21 April 2014
Student Profile: James Duckery

Pikes Peak Prep has the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful sounds of saxophone music produced by James Duckery, a senior student at the school. He arrived at Pikes Peak Prep as a freshmen and really like the smaller environment and one on one teacher help. He’s flourished at Pikes Peak Prep and even won awards for “Most Improved” in Geometry and History.

He started playing the saxophone as an 8 yaer old, and has been attending the Broadmoor academy for music since his freshmen year as well. James takes pride in participating in the school band and hopes to become a full-time saxophonist after attending a music conservatory.

COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE: PPP adopts new student performance model

Pikes Peak Prep, a Colorado Charter School Institute-sponsored K-12 school, is the only charter school in Colorado Springs to adopt the TAP model to improve academic performance. TAP, The System for Teacher and Student Advancement, is sponsored by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching and is credited for improving student achievement across the nation.

To lead the program, Pikes Peak Prep, at 525 E. Costilla St.

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