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At Pikes Peak Prep, all roads lead to college. This is proven with our concurrent enrollment agreement we have with Pikes Peak Community College. With help of our school counselor, Ms. Mondragon, several of our scholars have had the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school with one scholar graduating with an Associates degree.

Highlight on Ms. McCallister!

on Monday, 09 March 2015

Here at Pikes Peak Prep we encourage our teachers to use cross-curricular instruction in their classroom. Cross-curricular instruction is a teaching technic that combines two or more subjects by using information from one subject to generate an assignment for another subject. A perfect example of this can be seen right now in our first grade class room.

Highlight on PPP Scholar Cruz Martinez!

on Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pikes Peak Prep is proud to offer our high school scholars several different options to earn college credits. While attending high school, our scholars can earn credits from Pikes Peak Community College or by participating in an Area Vocational Program (AVP) at Pikes Peak Community College. While attending an AVP class, scholars can earn not only college credit but a certification allowing them to find employment in their studied field. One scholar taking advantage of this is Cruzito Cruz Martinez.

At Pikes Peak Prep we put an emphasis on preparing our scholars to continue their education by going to college. This is done by teaching a more rigorous curriculum and encouraging our scholars to take advantage of either our concurrent enrollment at Pikes Peak Community College or taking advantage of an Area Vocational Program (AVP) while still in high school.

Youth interest in fencing has grown in recent years. Fencer Tim Morehouse is helping make sure it never slows.

Welcome Sarah Krider!

on Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pikes Peak Prep is happy to have Mrs. Sarah Krider joining the team as our new Assistant Principal and Master TAP Teacher. Mrs. Krider has been working in education for approximately twenty years and came to Pikes Peak Prep from Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy. During her career in education she has had the opportunity to take her scholars on various service learning projects around the world to places including Mexico, Haiti, and Nicaragua. Seeing the effects of extreme poverty in such places, Mrs. Krider has a desire to change poverty and a persons access to basic necessities including food and clean drinking water.

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